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2 & 4 Wheel Alignment

The purpose of wheel alignment is to make sure that your tyres are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. If your car’s wheels are improperly aligned it can cause uneven tyre wear and shorten tire life. Improper alignment can also cause steering problems. Poor wheel alignment increases tyre rolling resistance which in turn makes your engine work harder. Your fuel economy goes down and your tyres wear more quickly.

Maximised tyre life

Customers can improve average tyre life of over 20%, making the exercise completely pay for itself.

Improved fuel economy

Poor alignment increases the rolling resistance of tyres. About 30% of a vehicle’s fuel is used to overcome the tyres rolling resistance, and just a small amount of misalignment can increase fuel consumption dramatically. Savings of up to 5% on fuel can readily be achieved through accurate alignment.

How much does it cost?

  • Two wheel adjustment From £36.00 inc vat
  • Four wheel adjustment From £72.00 inc vat

Fully qualified staff, no obligation.


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